Product Spotlight: ProGreens with NT Factor


Killing many birds with one stone is a practical goal for those with ME/CFS or Fibro. To avoid pill fatigue, combination nutrients are welcomed. Liquid or powder preparations even better.

ProGreens with NT Factor contains a host of ingredients that hit all points in the complex neuro-endocrine-immune model of ME/CFS and Fibro. These include astragalus, a well-researched immune system enhancer. Human studies have shown its ability to promote innate immunity (1).

Another ingredient, licorice, provides support for adrenal function. The main component of licorice, glycyrrhizinate, inhibits 11-beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase, the enzyme responsible for inactivating cortisol (2). Supplemental licorice may then benefit patients with low cortisol levels.

Ginger is a potent anti-inflammatory that can reduce pain and oxidative stress. For decades, the mechanism by which ginger phytochemicals block inflammatory pathways has been explored. Not unlike NSAIDs, ginger can disrupt inflammatory cascades by blocking NFkB—the key inflammatory signaling molecule of the cell (3).

ProGreens Energy also has the original ingredients found in ProGreens – organic grasses, probiotics, vegetable superfoods, sea vegetables, bee products, and fibers. These ingredients are excellent binders of unwanted molecules in the gut (e.g. mycotoxins), and provide fibrous substrate to promote healthy gut flora. Sea vegetables also offer an excellent source of iodine for patients with low thyroid function.

What makes this product especially useful for ME/CFS and Fibro patients is the addition of the mitochondrial blend NT Factor. Developed by prominent researcher Dr. Garth Nicholson, NT Factor is a patented mitochondrial membrane phospholipid, combining antioxidants and lipid transporters to repair damaged mitochondria (4).

NT Factor has been studied in some clinical trials to improve fatigue and energy levels.

Read more about these studies in a previous blog post.

To be effective, NT Factor must deliver high concentrations of undamaged cell membrane lipids to reverse damage and restore function of membranes damaged by oxidative stress. Special formulations are required for these lipids to survive ingestion and the digestive process. This is why ProGreens with NT should be taken on an empty stomach.

ProGreens NT is gluten free and hypoallergenic. Dr C likes her mixed in coconut water.

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* Did you know Dr. Craig donates a portion of all supplement sales to CFS & Fibromyalgia research & advocacy groups?


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