Product Spotlight: GlyMag-Z for Sleep

Glycine is a nonessential amino acids which functions as an inhibitory neurotransmitter in the central nervous system. Small enough to cross the blood-brain barrier, glycine acts on the NMDA transporter. This transporter plays a key role in memory formation as well as neuro-excitotoxicity—excessive stimulation of nerve cells that leads to damage. A handful of studies have examined the NMDA receptor as a perpetrator in central pain, hyperalgesia, and widespread pain found in fibromyalgia and subsets of ME/CFS.

Pure Encapsulations' GlyMag-Z offers a combination of the inhibitory neurotransmitters glycine and magnesium to provide support for occasional sleeplessness. It promotes healthy circadian rhythm and sleep quality in an easy powdered drink delivery system.

Research suggests glycine and magnesium promote healthy sleep quality and support the area in the brain responsible for circadian rhythm--the suprachiasmatic nuclei. Glycine has been associated with healthy sleep properties. This includes neural inhibition responsible for REM sleep and a decreased core body temperature associated with sleep.

Sleep and core body temperature are significantly correlated. Core body temperature drops at the onset of sleep, continues to decrease during sleep, and gradually rises as a person wakes. 2-3g of glycine administered in studies has shown to reduce core body temperature to positively affect sleep quality.  

In a small study involving sleep deprived volunteers, 3 g of glycine enhanced subjective sleep quality, sleep onset time, and daytime alertness. In subjects, sleep was stabilized and a shortened latency to both sleep onset and slow-wave sleep was noted. Additionally, there was no alterations in the sleep architecture—a common problem with long term use of pharmacological sleep interventions.

You can find GlyMag-Z in the dispensary.            


* Did you know Dr. Craig donates a portion of all supplement sales to CFS & Fibromyalgia research & advocacy groups?


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