Introducing Spoonie Radio

A long time ago I was a college radio DJ and music director. I spun obscure tunes each week over Colonial Williamsburg airways. I said "yah" or "nah" to which new tunes could be played on my prized WCWM 90.9 FM.

Gone are the days of my College underground music scene. Now, in conjunction with my website, I am launching a podcast series called Spoonie Radio. On the show I will feature clinicians, researchers, & advocates highlighting new CFS & FM discoveries and treatments. 

The first show is set to air on iTunes June 16th. I'm honored to say the first guest is Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum whose book set me on the road to recovery. 

Do you have a question for the show? Do you have a suggestion for a future guest?

I want to hear from you. Submit it here and get a shout-out on air.