Frequently Asked Questions

What should I expect during a consultation?

Consultations are done Worldwide over Skype or by phone. Dr. Craig's current timezone is Central European Time (CET) in Germany. Your first consultation will be about 1 hour where Dr. Craig will obtain a complete medical history. This also includes a conversation about your past treatment and future goals. Potential approaches will be discussed and any necessary lab work will be recommended. The first consultation is focused on dietary interventions but may include basic supplement recommendations.

During the second consultation Dr. Craig will discuss your progress, ask further questions, and review any new lab work. Specific supplement recommendations will be prescribed during the second consultation based on your laboratory findings or symptoms. Follow-up consultations, to evaluate progress and ensure that you are on the right track, will occur about every 4-6 weeks. The frequency of your consultations will depend on the complexity of your condition. Typical follow-ups are scheduled every 6-8 weeks for 30-45 minutes. Between consultations, any questions or concerns will be addressed by Dr. Craig in a timely fashion.

How do I prepare for my first consultation?

Begin by filling out the new patient intake forms found in the new client welcome e-mail. Any lab work or reports performed within the last 9 months by other providers must be received prior to your appointment for the doctor's review. Additional documentation chronicling your health history with ME/CFS are also welcome for Dr. Craig's review at your discretion. All documents can be e-mailed, faxed, or snail-mailed.

Can I use my insurance?

Dr. Craig does not participate in insurance plans. However, reimbursement may be available for lab testing. Your insurance information will be collected and processed by the laboratory.

What benefits are included by becoming a client?

Clients have access to additional supplements via a password protected dispensary. Also, current clients receive special access to webinars, other educational downloads, and receive 10% discounts on regular dispensary items. Clients have unlimited access to Dr. Craig for troubleshooting.

How does lab testing work?

Depending on the test ordered, a requisition form or lab kit will be sent to you. Lab testing may include traditional blood work, urine testing, hair testing, stool testing, or salivary testing. Detailed instructions will be provided with your lab kit or requisition form. Direct-to-consumer lab testing is also available without a doctor's order by visiting

Is it OK to purchase store brand supplements?

The supplement industry is not regulated by the FDA. When choosing supplements be sure the product meets third-party regulatory standards. This may include Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) status, National Sanitary Foundation (NSF) status, or pharmaceutical grade (USP) registration. All of the products on this site are of the highest quality from trusted brands. Additionally, the products offered are handled and stored properly to allow for optimal potency. Because of these factors, Dr. Craig prefers patients utilize products from this site. 

Is my online ordering information secure?

Our dispensary uses the same level of encryption as large banks, and stores all the information on Level 1 PCI certified servers. They are also HIPAA Compliant and have an entire team dedicated to protect your sensitive information. 

Can I order supplements through phone instead?

Yes. The dispensary accepts phone orders at 1 (877) 941-1449 between 9am - 5pm EST Monday to Friday. For after-hour orders, you may leave a voicemail and the dispensary will get back to you within 1 business day. Refills for client-only supplements must be placed directly through Dr. Craig.

What if a supplement is out of stock?

If an item ordered is out of stock, you will receive the remainder of your order with the out of stock item on back order. The dispensary will ship your out of stock item as soon as it is available, usually within 10–14 business days. You will only be charged for your out of stock item when it is shipped. If this is problematic, contact Dr. Craig who may be able to expedite your order through other means.

Can I continue to work with my current doctor?

A multi-disciplinary approach to ME/CFS is often necessary. Dr. Craig encourages continued management with your PCP or other ME/CFS provider. With your permission, treatment information can be sent to your current doctor to allow for the best possible communication and treatment outcomes.

What if I have difficulty swallowing pills?

Many of the supplements offered through the dispensary are available in liquid or powdered formulas to meet your special needs. If you don't see a product, just ask and it may be available.