Ep 16: Ken Lassesen

In the long awaited Ep 16, Ken and I take a deep dive into microbiome shifts as primary contributors to the myriad symptoms of CFS and similar conditions. He walks us through how using an AI-tool allows for a deeper understanding of our microbiome, symptoms, & effectiveness of treatments. Available now on iTunes.

Ep 15: Jarred Younger PhD

Dr. Younger talks inflammation as it relates to the symptoms of ME/CFS and fibromyalgia. He talks about his research findings, treatment options, testing, and more

Ep 14: Jonathan Kerr

Dr. Kerr describes his recent mitochondrial findings in functional diseases, ways to protect mitochondria, what ME/CFS patients can learn from Weston Price, and the complex pathogenesis of the illness.

Ep 13: Josh Grant

I talk to Joshua Grant, founder of MENDUS--an online research lab dedicated to patient's exploration of their own health. Inspired by the quantified self-movement, Josh aims to garner ME/CFS research interest and help patient's self-experiment with this innovative project.

Ep 12: Dan Neuffer

Dan describes his ME/CFS journey, how to reset HPA axis dysfunction with mindfulness, the wonders of neuroplasticity, and more...

Ep 11: Toni Bernhard

Toni Bernard talks how to be sick and how to live well with chronic illness. We talk fear and suffering, and how her new book will address the many challenges the chronically ill face every day...

Ep 10: Dr. Lucinda Bateman

Dr. Bateman and I talk patient autonomy and 5 clinical pearls from years in practice: pacing, emotional resilience, sleep, pain, & treating comorbid conditions

Ep 09: Dr. Suzanne Vernon

Dr. Suzanne Vernon and I talk the Solve ME/CFS Biobank, future research, the IOM Report, and more…

Ep 07-08: Dr. Judy Mikovits

Dr. Judy Mikovits talks about her new book Plague, the discovery of gamma retroviruses in ME/CFS, smarter vaccination, scientific censorship, and more. Listen to Part I and Part II.

Ep 06: Dr. Neil Nathan

Dr. Nathan talks of his 40 years of being a Chronic Illness Detective, how to approach the complexity of ME/CFS, DHEA, mold, anti-virals, and more...

Ep 05: Dr. David Brady

Dr. David Brady talks how chronic infections cause molecular mimicry in the immune system, problems with defining vague conditions like CFS and Fibromyalgia, evidenced-based approaches to viral infections & pain, and more...

Ep 04: Sue Ingebretson

Sue Ingebretson and I talk fibromyalgia, the Trio of Restoration, how to achieve "chronic wellness," choosing hope over despair, and more

Ep 03: Dr. Terry Wahls

Dr. Terry Wahls and I talk similarities between MS and CFS, food as medicine, her clinical trials, re-inventing yourself with a chronic illness, and more.

Ep 02: Damien Blenkinsopp

Damien and I talk the Quantified Self movement, mold, practical & affordable ways to biohack chronic illness, how to find easy wins against CFS, and more...

Ep 01: Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum

Dr. Teitelbaum and I discuss the SHINE Protocol, drawbacks of traditional lab testing, the gut, his new book, upcoming research projects, and more...


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