In-depth Consultations

SESSION PACKAGES 3 for $270 6 for $540

Only available to U.S. residents with established ME/CFS or Fibromyalgia diagnoses. Includes complete medical history, record review, routine and specialty test ordering, supplement and diet prescription. Follow-up for test interpretation and troubleshooting.


Diet & Supplement Management

30 MINUTES $60 • 60 MINUTES $120 • 90 MINUTES $180

Available to US and International patients. Services available only in USD. Detailed guidance for initiating or refining a diet for chronic illness. Common approaches include fasting strategies, anti-inflammatory, paleo, ketogenic, low carb, low FODMAPS, etc.


Medical Record Review•Second Opinions

FLAT $180 

Available to US and International patients. Written report created for personal review or physician review. Reference literature available.


Culinary Coaching

Available to Munich-based patients. In-home cooking demonstration, technique, meal prep, grocery shop. Email for pricing.



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