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Find Answers

Consultations available for those diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS), fibromyalgia, intestinal disorders, mold illness, Lyme, autoimmunity, etc. Get answers to health questions that most physicians cannot answer. Receive help finding the most accurate diagnosis. Plan a dietary strategy conducive to your lifestyle and needs. Streamline a personalized treatment plan based on scientific evidence. Find hope from a clinician and nutritionist with ME/CFS.


Learn to Cook

A personal chef for when you have no time or energy to eat healthy. Culinary coaching to reignite your skills and creativity. Learn technique or a new cuisine.


Get Your Life Back

Modern medicine is poorly equipped to handle chronic disease of modern life. All too often we are unfairly dismissed as medically unexplained or mentally ill. Your symptoms are real. You can recover or improve your health. Functional medicine allows for better investigation of complex problems. The outcome is a truly personalized approach to healthcare.