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How to Lose Weight When Chronic Illness Prohibits Exercise

Chronic illness often means excess weight due to limited physical abilities. Exercise is contraindicated in most cases, so how can one lose weight without exercise? There are several diet options for weight loss supported by clinical trials.

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Nutrition 101: Sugar, the Energy Thief

Blog contributor Rachel takes us through some nutrition basics in this series. First up, sugar — where it hides, how our body handles it, & how it zaps energy

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The Skinny on the Autoimmune Paleo Diet

More studies point to the autoimmune Paleo diet as a reasonable, safe option for those dealing with autoimmunity.

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Sulforaphane: Broccoli's Secret Weapon

With over 500 publications, what we know about broccoli might change your dinner plate. Beats bacteria, raises glutathione levels, reduces inflammatory cytokines, and more…

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All About SIBO

Overgrowth of bacteria in the small intestine can essentially “crowd-out” normal digestive processes at the intestinal surface leading to carbohydrate and protein malabsorption. Find out who is at risk of SIBO, how to test for it, and what to do to treat it.

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A Low FODMAP Diet for Gut Health

ME/CFS patients have rates of IBS higher than the general public. A low FODMAP diet is the best supported diet to improve the condition.

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When diets work, and when they don't

Tried all the popular dietary approaches purported to improve health in others but still not improving? It is unlikely you’re doing it wrong but there are caveats.

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What is an anti-inflammatory diet?

What is an anti-inflammatory diet really? Learn the foods to routinely include in your diet to reduce inflammation and the laboratory tests to measure your progress.

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Spoonie Radio Ep 14: Dr. Jonathan Kerr

In Ep 14, Dr. Kerr describes his recent mitochondrial findings in functional diseases, ways to protect mitochondria, what ME/CFS patients can learn from Weston Price, and the complex pathogenesis of the illness

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