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Fasting & Caloric Restriction

Caloric restriction and fasting have been known for over 3 decades to reliably reduce inflammation and slow aging in numerous animal models. But what’s the difference and is this effect also seen in clinical trials? What method do I choose?

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Updated Approach to Fasting

The field of fasting science is rapidly expanding. With new evidence, find out how to refine and optimize your strategy.

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A Keto Diet for ME/CFS & Fibro

Have you heard about a ketogenic diet? This is a diet those in the ME/CFS and Fibro community might want to get to know...mitochondrial, immune cell, and brain effects explained

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Leveraging Leptin

A new ME/CFS study has put the hormone leptin in the spotlight. With it comes new insights and questions. Find out what it is, how it contributes to symptoms, and how it can be modulated.

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