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Nutrition 101: Sugar, the Energy Thief

Blog contributor Rachel takes us through some nutrition basics in this series. First up, sugar — where it hides, how our body handles it, & how it zaps energy

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A Low FODMAP Diet for Gut Health

ME/CFS patients have rates of IBS higher than the general public. A low FODMAP diet is the best supported diet to improve the condition.

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Garlic for Gut Health

Love it or hate it, garlic is not to be ignored in the kitchen. Used for millennium for medical purposes, the culinary gem is extensively studied for immunity and antimicrobial properties.

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Special Dietary Considerations for Severe ME/CFS Patients: Protein

If you have ME/CFS, chances are you’re not eating enough protein. The loss of lean mass in a bed bound patient can be 100-200 grams/week, with the effects most pronounced in the first few weeks.

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The Right Diet for CFS and Fibromyalgia

In Part I, we focus on the very basics of a diet that is ideal for those with CFS or fibromyalgia. I give you 5 reasons to reconsider your current dietary approach.

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