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Lessons Learned from Tracking Sleep for 9 Months

I wanted to look more closely at my sleep habits to see if I could pinpoint clues that could then be influenced to achieve better sleep. I began to track aspects of my sleep using an app called Sleep Cycle. The results may surprise you...

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3 Tools to Biohack Your Chronic Illness

Move over FitBit! There are many new applications for your electronic devices that help keep track of your symptoms, sleep, supplements, autonomic function, and more! Here are 3 of my favorites…

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Spoonie Radio Ep 02: Damien Blenkinsopp

Listen to Ep 02 where Damien Blenkinsopp and I talk the Quantified Self movement, mold, practical & affordable ways to biohack chronic illness, how to find easy wins against CFS, and more...

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