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Product Spotlight: GlyMag-Z for Sleep

Research suggests glycine promotes healthy sleep quality and supports the area in the brain responsible for circadian rhythm. It may also play a role in reducing excitotoxicity that can lead to widespread pain.

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Lessons Learned from Tracking Sleep for 9 Months

I wanted to look more closely at my sleep habits to see if I could pinpoint clues that could then be influenced to achieve better sleep. I began to track aspects of my sleep using an app called Sleep Cycle. The results may surprise you...

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Spoonie Radio Ep 10: Dr. Lucinda Bateman

Dr. Bateman and I talk patient autonomy and 5 clinical pearls from years in practice: pacing, emotional resilience, sleep, pain, & treating comorbid conditions

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5 Proven Tips for Better Sleep

Adequate rest is essential for good outcomes in CFS & fibromyalgia. After years of sleepless nights my sleep toolbox doth overflow! Here are 5 evidenced-based strategies that I have found to be most effective.

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Melatonin: So Much More Than Sleep

Melatonin has a long history of use and is recognized as a safe alternative for sleep. But with all of the other effects perhaps we should consider regular supplementation as part of a health-promoting lifestyle.

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